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Just before Christmas 2007 Vengeance played in the “Nieuwe Nor” in Heerlen, this time supported by Roadkill. The “Nieuwe Nor” isn’t that big but the sound is always great.

The gig started rather early (at 19:00), when the guys of Roadkiller entered the stage the audience was very small. In spite of the very little number of people in the hall (including the press) the band still remained enthousiastic and full of humour. Fortunately, the crowd grew gradually to a respectable size during the show.

Roadkill plays traditional heavy metal, like “Kings of Swords”, “No one” and the new song “The Shadows”. The progressive “Merlin” is one of the best songs; also this time the performance was great.

After almost 45 minutes singer Marc Mac Blade announced the last song “The World is on Fire”; this song incorporates the Thin Lizzy song “Don’t believe a Word”. After the show the stage was prepared for Vengeance.

The set list of Vengeance was quite predictable. When you visit a show of the band, you know the songs of the set list already before you enter the hall. But they sure know how to build a party. Leon Goewie and Jan Somers are great entertainers.

At the time the lights went out the audience had grown considerably. The old Vengeance period was represented by ‘Dreamworld’, ‘May Heaven Strike me Down’ and ‘Take it to the Limit’, the last period by ‘Planet Zilch’ and ‘Back in the Ring’. ‘Rip it Off’ was performed perfectly and ‘Rock and Roll Shower’ was a great party. Together with the guys of Roadkill the audience was treated to a real rock and roll shower.

After this song Barend Courbois played a terrific bass guitar solo with Hans in `t Zandt on drums; really impressive. Of course ‘Arabia’ was part of the encore as well the heavy ‘No Mercy’.

With the great sound of the ‘Nieuwe Nor’ and the enthousiastic performance of both bands one could experience a less pleasant evening, though Roadkill might have deserved a larger audience.

(Review & Pics: Ralph Vermeere)






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