The Absence
with Jamie on Sep 13, 2007

Can you describe who you are and what kind of band The Absence is?
I am Jamie Stewart, and I am the vocalist for The Absence. We are a melodic Thrash Metal band, with a variety of influence from Swedish Metal, to 80`s Metal.

What’s the difference between "Riders Of The Plague" and "From The Grave"?
A few years of touring. That helped Us in reguards to getting tighter as a unit, and really being able to buckle down ,and write and album, instead of writing these songs, then these songs, then these songs. From Your Grave was written at different points, while Riders of the Plague, was written at once.

What happened in the meantime (tour etc)?
We did some tours with Vader, Destruction, Kataklysm, Dead to Fall, and a few others.

Are you satisfied the way Metalblade promotes you guys?

What’s your opinion about metalcore. Do you like it?
It`s not My cup of tea really. I was into some bands when I was younger, but after a while, it got old.

What’s your favourite classic album?
Damn... as cliche as it sounds, Master of Puppets is the greates album of all time.

  What can we expect in the near future from The Absence?
Tour, tour, tour, tour. Basically, everyone gets their faces ripped off!

Have you got any funny stories about being on the road?
Hmmmmm... getting flicked off by French Canadians in Montreal ws kind of funny. We were just trying to park the van, and it kept happening... We were like "what the fuck, how do they even know". Then We realized that We forgot about the big American flag on the sides of the van. We bought the van from a transportation company, that used it for elderly people, and We never took them off, so... hahaha. Maybe We should now.

Is there anything you want to say or did I something forgot spit it here…
Thank you for the interview, and to Your readers for checking Us out.
RIDERS OF THE PLAGUE in store now!!!! Get it, You won`t be dissapointed!!!!

(Jeroen Habets)

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