Machinemade God
with Flo on Oct 03, 2007

Hi there. Please introduce yourself and the band.
Hi, I am Flo, and I am responsible for the lead vocals, then we have Sky on guitar and clean vocals, Marc on second guitar, David on Bass and Sven on drums.

In which way does your new album surpass the previous releases?
The songwriting has become more mature than on the Infinitiy Complex. Also, the technical level of the guitarplay, the drumming and the vocals has gotten a lot higher.
I would say that this record is more diverse than our debut.

Can you name some of the musical influences of Machinemade God?
We all listen to a lot of different bands and genres. It´s nut just one certain band or certain genre that is influencing us. From Dimmu Borgir over 80´s Metal Bands to HIM and 30 Sconds to Mars.

 Who inspired you to play music, and why?
My first band was a Punk Rock band, pretty much in the veins of The Misfits and Ramones. I grew up with Metal at home, since my dad listens to bands like Iron Maiden, Manowar, Dream Theater and so on. But I guess it were Punk bands, like the Pistols and Misfits, that made me start my first band.

From your point of view, what is your favorite track on the new album and why?
“For Those Who Care” is one of my favorite tracks, especially according to the lyrics. This song is a dedication and a “thank you” to my family and friends, cause of the band I often wasn´t able to spent as much time with them as I wanted to. Especially in times when they really needed me, I often wasn´t around. But they never made me feel bad of that, they always showed understanding and they always were there when I needed them. So this Song is for showing them that I care and that I don´t take things for granted.

What`s the best and the worst part about being in this band for you?
You meet a lot of cool people and get to see a lot of different places just by doing what we like, playing our music live. I think the worst thing is actually being forced to sit in a van for hours. That can be pretty boring. But there´s nothing really bad about being in the band.

What does the artwork show/should it express?
We wanted something darker, something where you can´t really tell what the band sounds like when you see the Artwork. We thought that a mask would perfectly, cause you only see the front, but you never know what lies behind it. Same goes for our music. Its different than our debut, and I bet a lot of people wouldn´t have expect a record like this from us, especially when they know the first record we did.

How do you promote the album and the band?
We did a lot of Interviews in the past weeks and a lot more are coming up. Metal Blade does a real good job with promoting our record by advertisements, promotional copies for magazines to review our album. Besides that we try to play as many shows as possible, in as many countries as possible. We re still working out some tours. But up to now, nothing is confirmed yet, so I won´t lose any words about it. You can find all our confirmed shows on our website or on our myspage page.

Did you ever visit If yes did you like it?
I m not visiting Rockezine frequently. But I was often on your website when I googled about certain bands for some information. I really like the easy navigation.

The last lines are for you…
Thank you for the interview. To everyone who reads this, make sure to support your local scene! Thanks for reading and hope to see you around at our shows!

(Jeroen Habets)

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