Paths Of Possession
with Randy on Oct 18, 2007

Please introduce yourself and the band.
Hello, this is Randy. I play bass/backing vox for Paths of Possession.

What was the reason for starting this band.
I guess it was just like any other band. We just wanted to play some fucking metal and do some shows. There was never a goal we were trying to achieve. I had moved to Florida with a death/ thrash band from Alabama and we fell apart. Shortly after that I started jamming with Rich and Jay. They were in another band that lost their bassist. After the vocallist left and I took over we changed the whole format of the band to fit what we were really wanting to play.

Is it important that the album sounds melodic, like Swedish death metal.
Its not important to us to be in a certain style, this is just how we like to write. Me and Jay have always been huge Maiden fans and wanted to incorperate harmonies and melodies into our songs. I was doing this in my old bands way before I was even aware of the great Swedish scene.

The new album is a concept album, why is that.
Again, this is just how i like to write. I have always loved concept albums. The first 2 self released Paths albums were concept albums as well. The only reason that Promises wasn`t is because we re-recorded 3 songs off the first disc and 3 off the second. Even in my old bands where I wrote the lyrics I would always write like that. Its just what I love to do.

Where did you record the new record.
We recorded "The End of the Hour" back at Mana Studios in St. Pete florida, the same place that we did the Promises disc.

Why did you team up with Eric Rutan.
He is a great engineer and a great guy. He knows metal and he isn`t afraid to give his opinion and tell you what he thinks. If he thinks something you are recording stinks. He`ll let you know. Everything that come out of that studio seems to get better and better.

  Describe the new album in 5 words.
Death, thrash, apocolyptic, please buy.

Will you come to Europe next year.
We will fucking be there. I know I said that last time. But that is our top priority.

Do you like to tour?
I love to tour, it is pretty tough sometimes. But I always want to be there.

Do you like playing at festivals.
Festivals are great because you get to see so many bands that you might not have ever seen. It`s amazing what some bands go through to play a fest. I really enjoy the whole atmosphere. I want to play first so I can drink there rest of the time.

  Is there anything you want to share with your fans and readers of
Yes, I have started a new band "From Blood and Burning" and it just got picked up for a 3 disc deal with Blind Prophecy records, I will record a full length in January and you can check out 4 demo songs at, I also run the Paths myspace as well, so let us know what you think of the new Paths disc "The End of the Hour".

(Peter Vierwind)

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