with Nate on Oct 23, 2007

Please introduce yourself and the band.
I`m Nate Olp and I play bass and vocals for Demiricous.

Can you describe the style of your music.
It`s a hybrid of Thrash - Grind - it sounds like someone living like shit, it sounds like Indiana. Hopefully it`s a breath of fresh air from everything that is goin on in metal right now.

What are the major differences at this new album with your latest one.
Vocals have more identity, the riffs are weirder, no two songs sound the same. There were no holds barred when writing the record...there was no goal other than making every song feel different and go a different path from the last one.

When I listen to your albums it seems you like early 80ís thrash metal, is this true.
Scott does more than anybody. Megadeth and Judas Preist are his favorite shit hands down and you can`t tell him that anybody else is as good...he`ll write you off for the rest of time.

Who came up with the band name and what does it mean.
I thought of it, it doesn`t mean anything. We didn`t want a name that suggested anything about the band. Just avoid pigeonholes as to what we are about. I can`t stand it when you already know half of what the band has to offer by the name.

How is it to work with Erik Rutan and are you satisfied with the result.
It was cool, he`s a really positive person. I think he understood the project rather well and saw for the most part what we should achieve. Yes we`re satisfied, he knew to stay raw with the shit.

  Which bands do you listen to these days.
I listen to all my old records mostly, but any band from Indy pretty much rules, Salvation, the Dream is Dead, You Will Die, shit, all kinds of shit, Hank III, Ringworm, Biggie, Pig Destroyer, Soilent Green, WuTang, Neurosis, Melvins, Plague of Gentlemen,...whatever.

With who do you want to tour.
Fat Boys

What is the funniest thing that happened on your last tour.
Getting attacked by bionic penguins in ninja suits sent from who forced us to make thanksgiving dinner for Dismember and Vital Remains while riding dolphins through snow. Then I went to jail for fun. It was fucked.

When are you coming to Europe.
Whenever you give me $45,000 to get there. Let`s do this. I dunno, whenever the opportunity arrives...we have no plans as of yet.

  Have you got a message for the readers of
We`re gonna be the next Fat Boys. And we won`t stop till our band is as popular as french fries.

(Peter Vierwind)

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