with Nornagest on Oct 25, 2007

Please introduce yourself and the band.
Nornagest, lead vocalist, guitar player and composer of Enthroned.

Why did Sabathan left the band.
I’ll make a long story short; after we released “XES Haereticum” we started to have some troubles with Sabathan, meaning that we couldn’t rehearse as he was always complaining about the fact that we had to change the location of the rehearsal room because me and Nguaroth are living something like 2.30 hours from his place and the previous place was there, so, regarding our schedules it was impossible to travel 5 hours a day to the other side of Belgium. So in the end we managed to get a rehearsal room at an equal distance but he was still complaining, being unemployed we thought it was a bit over acting coming from him.
Anyhow, after a while we even tried to rehearse at his place again, but he always managed to find an excuse to escape the rehearsals, while we heard he was doing barbecues etc.. well whatever… afterwards he started to talk more about money, free festivals, how many girls he could fuck on tour than the real feeling, the devotion etc… and along these annoying factors some other unpleasant things happened concerning him, so we took a drastic decision and we kicked him out.

Did you search for another singer.
I had two long time friends in mind, but the other members insisted on the fact that I should take over the vocals as they liked my vocal work in my other bands (Plague & The Beast) and because it would be better as I write the lyrics.

How were the reactions on the new album.
They were really good and very supportive. They were one or two complainers as it’s without Sabathan, but you can’t force idiotic people to understand why we had to get rid of him.

Why does Enthroned always sound underground.
Enthroned sounds like Enthroned, we do what’s coming from our hearts not from the appreciations we have for some bands we like.

Are you satisfied with the result of the new album.
Yes, couldn’t be more satisfied.

  If there is anything you like to change in the future.
About Enthroned itself; no! And I hope things will keep up this way and even better!

Which Belgian bands do you like beside your own band.
Emptiness, Paragon Impure, Panchrysia, Dead Inside, Iconoclasm and a few other…

Which band is your biggest inspiration?
On a pure musical basis, in the early days it was Bathory, Slayer and Iron Maiden.

Have you got a favourite album?
I have many, at the moment I listen a lot “Purgate my Stain” from In Slaughter Natives

  What was the last album you bought and why.
The last album that I bought was “FAS…” from Deathspell Omega, as it is superb Black Metal done with heart with an interesting lyrical concept and the people behind it are obviously into what they are doing at 2000%. Total support!

  What do you want to say to the readers of rockezine.com.
Get your hands on the seventh pestilence : “Tetra Karcist” AMSG

(Peter Vierwind)

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