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  Impaled Nazarene should be known to all by now, so no introduction is needed. You`ve come up with your tenth album in seventeen years, a legendary achievement for a black metal band. In what gruesome way did you celebrate this anniversary?
We did not do anything at all. We played album release show, got wasted and thatīs it. We have never done huge parties or similar crap, we put shit out and thatīs it. If people dig and cherish the shit, great, if not, then not.

Is Manifest a collection of you most important points of view? Please explain the albums title.
Now you mixing two words here. Manifest = plain, obvious. Manifesto = political statement. This is highly irritating that people are mixing these words as they have nothing in common. This album is not political statement, we were not after that with the album title. We wanted to have a simple one word that nobody can make any connections to anything or assumptions to anything. Now you know.

Though I didn`t read any of the albums song texts, I didn`t hear much pussy on this album. Were you struck with nauseating genital diseases?
There was no need to write about pussies or fucking. There was a need to point out certain things to braindead Germans. History repeats itself in Germany right now and where shall all this end??? We are supposed to have same common laws inside European Union but at the same time countries like Germany or Poland can do whatever they want to. It makes no sense to us.

How did you prepare for creating the songs and lyrics and the recording thereafter? Being veterans, do you need much preparation time at all before recording an album?
We never write music as unit, we write music individually at home alone. Then we meet at rehearsal place, check out new shit and decide together shall we keep it or throw it away. It is very simple method of working and we have done like this since 1996. We do not jam or anything crap like this. I need music first, then I do lyrics. First I have to come up with a song title and then I slowly build the whole thing from there. We do rehearse new songs quite a lot, I think we had rehearsals about two-three times a week before the studio. Actual studio time was really quick, we were ready in less than two weeks even if we had 18 days booked for basic recordings.

  In this weak and forgiving time your concerts are being canceled and your albums forbidden by authorities of certain countries. Lots of other bands get away with their political tinted records. How do you manage to be picked out again?
Letīs clear one thing. Our only album that has been banned anywhere is Nihil and that is in Germany alone. All our other albums are available there and worldwide. It is shit webpages like Wikipedia which spread misinformation about this and it does irritate the living fuck out of me. Any glue-sniffing rasta asshole can write there his/hers version of the "truth" and people are stupid and buy it without questioning anything or without bothering to check out directly from the bandīs own website what is true and what is not. Why it is always, I have no idea. Somebody seem to have really something against us and unfortunately that somebody has power enough to get our shows cancelled.

  Old German speed/thrash (Violent Force, Sodom, etc.) used to be of your earliest interests. Do you still only listen to these bands and/or are there any other bands (black metal or other) you like in particular?
I never listen to new music, I always listen to old albums. I grew up with them and they are still my fave albums. New music does nothing for me.

In 2006 I saw you playing live in Holland together with Master and some shitty, badly chosen bands. I already read somewhere that you hate small and/or local bands being your opening act, but perhaps they cause you to be more furious on stage?
I think hate is a bit too strong word for this. Fact is that if your touring line-up has already 3-4 bands, local opening acts are pretty fucking pointless. Dressing rooms are small, there is never enough catering for all, local bands want to use headliners backline, they bring their 1000 friends on backstage and so on. It is always the same old story and then poor tour manager has to deal with all the shit. And classic scenario is this: Doors open at 20:00, local support is supposed to start at 20:30. Nobody arrives that early so they wanna play later. If you have five bands on line-up, it fucks up whole schedule and headliner plays at fucking two am or something. There has been situations where electricity has simply been cut off as local bands do not get it that stage time is limited. Then they hate our guts and tell everybody what kind of rock star assholes we are.

Do you personally wish to perform only with a certain type of bands (for example black metal bands) or don`t you mind being mixed with other genres in one gig (with great death metal bands like Master for example)?
I rather play with death and thrash metal bands.

Do you like playing in small venues (or sheds) or huge concert buildings with a massive, frenzy crowd. Also, do you like playing at small festivals (like you did on Under the Black Sun) or large ones? Or don`t you care at all?
That really depends. Sometimes small clubs can be really fucking cool in-your-face exprience. Usually bigger clubs have better PA, better dressing rooms, toilets at backstage (this is something that should be fucking law at clubs, it is very "cool" to rush thru crowd to take a shit 5 minutes before your showtime and then there is no toilet paper, no locks at doors and all drunk people have pissed all over the toilet). We are not invited to play at big festivals so we are very happy that there are smaller festivals in the world who accept bands like us.

  Any new gigs planned?
It is pretty hard to plan anything when we do not know are we allowed to play in Germany or not. As a matter of fact, we just learned that our show at Devilīs Revenge festival (Germany) has been banned once again. We can do really anything about this.

  Any future plans for releasing new or re-releasing old material? Something tasty for us vinylwhores?
Next year, there will be double 10" vinyl versions of both TCNNN and Ugra-Karma out. Both have extra vinyl filled with never-before-heard live tracks dating back to 1994-1996 period, even stuff from 1992. All taken from my personal soundboard tapes and lots oof songs that were not included on our live album. Both limited to 300 copies. We have also re-mastered Latex Cult and it will be out with new cover and lay-out plus live bonus tracks as well.

  Any future plans with your personal life (being raping, sodomizing, alcoholic lust, hunting reindeer, or whatever)?
I have no plans, I live day by day and try to survive.

  Thanks for your time answering these questions. Spit your last filth here!
Hopefully some dutch festivals will take us next year as there will be no European tour for this album (as long as Germany continues to ban us). Thanks and drink Talisker whiskey.

(Mart Kwakkel)

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