with Andy & Chris on Dec 11, 2007

3HM, or 3 Headed Monster are an American heavy/power metal band, who`s debut album `Three Headed Monster` was quite good and even got 7.5 out of 10 on this here rockezine.com. Time to check in for more these not overly serious guys from Massachussets in the United States.

Is it just my system, or do you guys really not have a singer?
Chris: What? How can it be? Yes, it is definitely your system.
Andy: Music without singing isn`t a new thing. If a singer comes along and fits the style that would be great. But for now we`ll let the music speak for itself.

Introduce yourself and the band.
I am Chris Kessaris and I play guitar along with Andy Korajczyk, the drummer and Paul Muise, the bassist. We are all from Boston, Masssachussets in the United States of America.

What made you decide to play only instrumental music?
Andy: People say my lyrics about James Bond 007 didn`t fit.
Chris: Yeah, they were right. I mean, they didn`t even rhyme...

  Where did you get the vocal samples from, the ones that sometimes introduce or conclude a song?
Andy: Pro-Wrestling
Chris: And monster movies

  How did the record deal with the Dutch Melissa Records come to be?
Andy: Long story. It goes back to Paul`s addiction to gambling. Chris: Online gambling.

  What do you do when not playing music?
Andy: Party, ski, wrestle, gamble.
Chris: Occasionally we do sleep and work but that stuff is overrated.

  How would you describe you own music?
Chris: I`d call it a mixture of rock and jazz…a…fusion of styles if you would.
Andy: progressive thrash rocksteady.

  What are your main influences?
Chris: I`ve always been a huge Nevermore fan. Grew up on Iced Earth and Jag Panzer as well. I think they`d categorize as our biggest influences, though I bet Andy will say something like John Coltrane.
Andy: John Coltrane and Pantera and friends.

  When did you start to play guitar/drums/bass?
Andy: In 1993 on a cool autumn monday.
Chris: I got started in 1995 on a hot june afternoon…Nobody really knows when Paul started playing bass, but he has been playing trumpet since he was a youngster.

How do the songs come to be?
Andy: Well, Chris will lay sometthing hip down, Paul goes "dun, dun, dun," then I write lyrics and organ cadenzas.
Chris: We just start things off with a fresh beat. Then we`ll add a little bass and get some women to shake their asses. That`s what is so great about R & B. It`s baby making music.

What are the future plans for 3 Headed Monster?
Chris: Well you know, the future for 3HM is looking brighter and brighter. And if you`ve got yourselves a pair of the Bret Hart hitman shades, it makes it that much easier to see into the future. `Cause you see, we`ll go through anybody. Whether it`s Judas Priest or Iron Maiden or Metallica, it just doesn`t matter. We will prove that we are the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.
Andy: Tear it up!

List a couple of your favourite albums.
Cowboys from Hell - Pantera
Blue Trane - Coltrane
Winger - Winger
DeChristianize – Vital Remains
Dreaming Neon Black – Nevermore
Nihility - Decapitated

  And of course, your favourite movie?
Andy: Ghostbusters
Chris: Terminator 2

  What music is crap?
Andy: Easy listening
Chris: Kenny G.

  Worst album?
Chris: Oh, I got this one. Metallica`s `St. Anger` is hands down the worst album of all time. I`ve always wanted that to show up in print somewhere, but no one ever had the balls to say it. It was awful. Awful, awful, awful, it makes Megadeth`s `Risk` look like `Rust In Peace`.

  Dumbest person?
Chris: Chris Benoit. (Chris Benoit was a famous WWE wrestler who murdered his family, then commited suicide on the 25th of june 2007, REZ.)

  What is the funniest thing you`ve heard in 2007?
Chris: there have been a few good episodes of South Park this year, but I personally enjoy this one from The Office (US).
Kevin, in a discussion talking about people close to them who have died, says: "A few years ago me and my friend wanted to have a huge beach party. But then my Uncle Bernie died so we had to pretend that he was alive… For the weekend."
Andy: Donkey Balls

  Gracias 3HM. Did I forget anything or do you have any awesome statements to close with?
Thanks to anyone who bought the album and enjoys it. We`ll hopefully be able to play in front of you soon and more original 3HM will be on the way.

(Frank M. Horsthuis)

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