5 Song Promo
5 tracks - playing time: 21:31 min.
Rating: not rated
These days record companies and music publishers are scared shitless because of CD copying, downloading and whatever; there are even record companies who send tapes instead of CDs as promos. Not Orquesta Del Desierto and their record company Meteor City. They send a CD with rough mixes of five songs from their next record, due to be released this fall. Orquesta Del Desierto sound like the desert, but not the way you might expect from a band with members from Goatsnake, earthlings? and Fatso Jatson. They play mostly acoustic and are accompanied by a horn section every now and then.

Actually, they can be placed somewhere between Calexico and the acoustic songs of Masters Of Reality; blues and Tijuana influences galore. Compared to the first critically acclaimed OdelD record they have improved; especially in the song writing department. Of course these are only five songs, but according to them were up for another high quality album. If you are looking for something different within alternative rock: keep your eyes and ears open for this one!


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