The Mourning After
10 tracks - playing time: 48:35 min.
Roadrunner Records
Rating: 7/10
Good. The opening track of 40 Below Summer’s third album is good. “Self Medicate” shows us 40 Below Summer still exists and has a more adult sound. They have clearly grown in their songwriting. But that does not mean that this record is a classic. No. I don’t know about these 10 tracks. They’re consistent, that’s true, but most of the songs just don’t have enough balls or spectacular changes. It just sounds as if making the album was an obligation.

On their last record, Invitation To The Dance were some cool breakdowns and vocal melodies. I miss them on this record.

Just a few plain rock songs and a some songs that are showing what 40 Below Summer is capable of. And I ask myself why they didn’t write more tracks like “Self Medicate”or “F.E.”(with Christian from Ill Nino on vocals). Where’s the fucking thrill that this music so clearly needs?

Maybe it’s because of their label, due to commercial reasons. But that is just guessing. Cause maybe it’s because the singer’s mother had another child. Point is, that this record does not grab me like the last one did. A missed opportunity. Obvious.


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