Demented Honour
10 tracks - playing time: 46:32 min.
Rating: 9/10
Traveling home by car from a concert always made me questioning which cd I had to put in my cd player to make this traveling at night as short as possible. Erol Sora gave me the answer. This guitar player’s first solo album “Demented Honour” is one of the best driving albums I’ve ever heard. Excellent in your face melodic hard rock with a definite classic touch. This album really gives you the boost so often needed driving dark highways. It’s no surprise that this album is guitar orientated, but the whole is definitely based around the songs first and foremost.

Guitar solo’s are reduced to a minimum and are always subservient to the whole. One major plus are the excellent vocals of Sora. This man can write songs, play guitar and is gifted with natural vocal abilities! The only minor criticism that popped into my mind while listening to “Demented Honour” is that some of the vocal melodies are a little bit too poppy / AOR, like for example in the slightly corny “NYC”.
Besides that, Erol Sora surprised me with one of the best melodic hard rock releases of 2005.


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