Walking On H2o
13 tracks - playing time: 75:04 min.
Lion Music
Rating: 9.5/10
After listening to Mind’s Eye latest effort ‘Walking On H2O’ I could do only one thing… blush in shame that I never before took the time to check this Swedish progressive rock band out.

The concept album opens in the most promising way. The atmosphere is set and the captivating narrator introduces the listener the story. This intro is so mind blowing perfect (there are some snippets of a JFK speech in there) that I figured the band would in no way be able to come even close to my expectations for the rest of the album. I should have known better. The hour that follows is an hour very well spent! Mind’s Eye excels with fine compositions, solid musicianship and impressive song writing.

I absolutely dig the lush vocal harmonies that could be described as Toto on anabolic steroids. It wouldn’t surprise me if the band has laid its ears on Neal Morse and friends since all vocals harmonies truly take the music to another level. There are only a few sections of music that one would call progressive in a way that it takes a true fan to enjoy the compositions.

It’s obvious that song writing and melody were the first concern of this threesome. The opus magnus of the album is the eleven minute closing epic ‘Poseidon’. A mind blowing track that convinced me that ‘Walking On H2O’ is one of the very best progressive releases of the first decade of the third millennium!


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