11 tracks - playing time: 37:34 min.
Rating: 9/10
Without hearing a single note by this band my mind was already made up: I love this band. I love the name of the band. I love the name of the album. I love the artwork and I love the fact that the booklet states that the owner of the record should feel free to burn, upload, ipod, broadcast, bit torrent, download, seed, KaZaa, post, blog, distribute, Limewire, and/or pimp this disc (as long as the owner is giving it away). So without listening to this release I am rewarding it with at least 8 out of 10 points.
While listening to the album my excitement about the band only grew.

It has been a while since I have heard a truly original (non improvised) piece of music. The album features eleven tracks clocking just over 37 minutes. This proves to be on the short side. On the possitive side there are clearly no fillers on “Schizophrenology”. The band members call the band amorphus. You don’t need to listen to more than three songs to be convinced. This is refreshing indepentend pop rock that should appeal to many. Very much recommanded!


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