The Stones Remain In Silence
12 tracks - playing time: 41:41 min.
Yesterdays Gone Records
Rating: 8.5/10
Post-Hardcore. ‘Aah Refused’ I hear you saying. Not exactly. Not from Sweden, but coming from Norway with a mix of hardcore, screamo and some doom.

Jeroan Drive shows they are able to mix a lot of ingredients in their songs without sounding forced. A song like ‘Cheat vs Clockwork’ has a pretty recognizable chorus, wich fits perfectly with the guitar chords that reminds me of a screamo band like JR Ewing or Marat.
While ‘Stonethrower/Kill The Cardinal‘ sounds like a doom version of Snapcase.

They balanced the tempo-changes pretty well. Sometimes slow with epic riffs that almost remind you of bands like Isis and Envy.

And sometimes, fast, mean - leaving no victims behind- and rock and roll influenced (‘The Escape). Speaking about rock; this cd definitely rocks.
It costed me a few times to get used to the vocals and to get into the music, but when ‘the quarter fell’ I noticed I grabbed very often to this cd. Suprisingly good.

‘The stones remain in silence’ is what it’s called, this outing. Remember that name, cause next time you’re in a record store you should pick it up or ask for it.


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