Bombs Of Enduring Freedom
9 tracks - playing time: 42:31 min.
Rating: 6.5/10
Anti. Mainword of Bombs of Enduring Freedom? Anti-Record Companys? Anti-Government and Anti-Satan? (there are 665 copys available of this cd).

With songs like ‘Beware the Bombs’ , ‘ Wargames’ and ‘GI Jesus’ you expect a Atari Teenage Riot approach; brutal, rude and in your face explosion-mix of industrial and metal.
That’s not where this cd stands for. It’s not the ‘ fuck you’ music of Atari, but more a Pitchshifter sound in their later days; almost friendly industrial with some interesting samples (‘Beware the bombs’ and ‘ Television’).

It somehow also reminds me a bit of Orgy, Stabbing Westward and Kaos Krew; all song oriented industrial, where you can dance at in a club.

It sounds pretty ok what they’re doing, but I think if you have such an attitude against war and politics, let it hear in your music. War is not about dancing and friendly beats. No war is about blasts, unnecaptable house beats, droning basses and –I-will-fuck-you-up-with-my-fists-voice. Unfortunately, they’re sounding more like salon – politici. I can’t help it.


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