Frames /w Rothko
3 tracks - playing time: 26:41 min.
Acerbic Noise
Rating: 7.5/10
Interesting move, this split with 2 band that doesn’t use normal structures and patterns, but dare to be original. Dyshrythmia kicks off with one song that is over 14 minutes long. It’s a long instrumental track, and sometimes it sounds like they’re just improvising. Like ‘if I bash my hi-hat for 20 times, I place some toms here and there and you can put some feedback after those hi-hats’.
However, it doesn’t sound like they’re just doing something, but are walking more the way fantomas walks; every note is where it belongs. In the first part of this song the riff and tempi are reminding me of Fantomas, but also a bit of the Melvins. Some Freaky guitar lines, yet catchy, but never easy. Its at the end of the song is becoming more and more minimal.

Maybe some sort of mix between Fantomas and a light version of Sunn O (Altar times).

Then Rothko. 2 songs. First song ‘ tell your story to the winds’ is food for experienced Shora listeners. With some spherical lines and slight tapping of the drums it has a fragile feeling over it. Second song ‘ Torch’ is the shortest , not even 5 minutes, but sounds like an experimental try out for what can be a song, and sounds pretty improvising.

I encourage this kind of splits, cause in my opinion, there can’t be enough bands who dare to try out what they like. These two bands are not making music for the masses, however, Fans of Fantomas, the better post-rock and even some drone fans can enjoy this EP.


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