9 tracks - playing time: 42:19 min.
Apache Productions
Rating: 8.5/10
The best death metal nowadays is coming from the Netherlands. Maybe a harsh statement, but with the new release of Lucifer Principle the dutch have a perfect weapon to compete with the US and Swedish variant.

‘Pitch Black Dawn’ is the best death metal record I’ve heard this year. Why? The brutal guitar strains, who are..well brute, but yet melodic and sometimes gives a sick feeling. A bit like Entombed is riffing, but also influences from the US death metal.

“PBD’ is not only brute, this band knows how to write perfect songs, impending hooks in the songs, at the right time, and with the right choices. From Opener ‘Pitch Black Dawn’, wich is kind of straight on to the melodical songs’Feeding the Land of the dead’ and ‘ Soul Saviour Throat Cut’ , you notice the quality of songwriting.

And not important, the vocals of Earik are outstanding. His grunt is clear, but yet very ‘metal’ and how he lays his vocal lines over this music deserves a compliment. He almost brings a new dimension to this record.

Last bot not least; the production and mix, wich was in hands of Jochem Jacobs from Textures makes this record irresistible. For fans of Six feet under, Devious, Entombed and people who liked the latest record of Devious, go check this out. Essential this year!


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