The End Of The Hour
11 tracks - playing time: 47:56 min.
Metal Blade
Rating: 7.5/10
Sometimes brute grindcore music mixed with melodic parts and twin guitars can be special.And when you`ve got a famous vocalist by the name of George(corpsegrinder) Fisher, it must be awesome.Now let me tell you, partly it`s true.This concept album is better than average. The vocalist sings very good, but that is not enough for this album. This album misses spirit and gets sometimes boring.This means not that it is not good.

When you listen to "Pushing to the Pass" and "In Offering of Spite" you hear great songs. All 10 tracks had to be like those tracks. Two songs I have to mention are "The Ancient Law" and "Poisoned Promise Land" very good tracks that push this album up to a higher rating.If you are curious and want to know how this kind of music sounds, then try to listen to "The End of the Hour" a soldiers story.Enjoy it.


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