Puzzles Like You
8 tracks - playing time: 33:53 min.
Rating: 7/10
Sometimes you canít exactly say why a band is better than others while the music Is almost the same. Maybe thatís talent? I recently have it with See My Solution from Zwolle (Netherlands). Their music is built upon the structures of metalcore, and I hear your attention thatís getting lower, but wait, this time itís done a bit better than all those other 4000 copys that are walking the earth.

Of course, there are influences from Rock, (Swedish) death metal, hardcore and some modern influences, but See My Solution understands how to write parts that matters. If itís the riffs that are well chosen, or the cool sounding (clean) parts like Ď Newborn Witnessí or Ď Silence for Allí , everything fits pretty well together.

Other pro; they donít use that obligated breakdown formula. Itís more like Unearth; interesting yet heavy songs without walking the same recipe over and over again.

I also hear this band still has to grow and I hope they take the time for it to crystallize a little bit more their own sound, cause songs like Ď Healingí , Ď The inside Storyí and the Ėwith remarkable lyrics contending- Ď The essenceí are promising.


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