9 tracks - playing time: 31:04 min.
I For Us Records
Rating: 8/10
Meleeh, from Sweden is one of the surprises this month. Creating a sound somewhere between Cease upon the Capital, some ATDI riffs, a slight taste of Envy and some screamo/hardcore bands. Summary: there happens a lot on this cd.

On first listening, you noticed the amount of riffs that are flying around your head. But you also notice the quality of song writing. Nowadays, there are a lot of spherical emo bands, Meleeh doesnít copy them, but just take cool elements from them. They donít choke in technical parts, but manage to create an open sound.

However, they donít use very often slower parts, wich can add the variation and keep things interesting.

But they just push for half an hour straight on, so no post-rock influenced stuff here, but high energic hardcore/screamo, with some memorizable riffs and hooks (ďAngstriddení, ĎThe Doomí .)

After a few listenings Meleeh will find itís way back to your cd player over and over, and donít be surprised you find yourself screaming their riffs and lyrics along with them. Cool sounding effort, thisí Heartlandí from promising newcomers Meleeh.


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