The Futility Of Trying To Avoid The Unavoidable
5 tracks - playing time: 27:02 min.
Metal Breath
Rating: 8/10
Some Cynic people will say that Serotonal are advertising too much with the fact that ex-Anathema frontman Darren White is the ‘ main guy’ in Serotonal. They’re only claim to fame? No. Not this time. Serotonal doesn’t need all that publicity, cause the music on itself holds perfectly ground.

Their new EP ‘ The futility of trying to avoid the unavoidable’ contains 5 songs (2 bonustracks) and are in the vein of Anathema, Antimatter and some Katatonia. But with the first song ‘ Chosen Words’ they’re coming pretty close to Anathema’s Deep period.

However, it’s a pretty good song, with a melancholic feel that’s ‘ unavoidable’ .

The other songs are built around (acoustic) guitars and the voice of Darren White. His normal voice is pretty good, but sometimes I get the idea he’s trying to lay too much emotion in his voice. One and another sounds kinda synthetic.

The music, is dynamic withouth great tempo changes, and it keeps the listener attached to this cd. A perfect cd to begin this fall with


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