And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw (dvd)
0 tracks - playing time: min.
Metal Mind Productions
Rating: 7/10
Vader is among us as long I can remember and Iím really sure that this Polish band no introduction needs. When youíre a real metal fan you must have heard this band at least one time. Doesnít matter if you like them or not; youíve heard something from this band.

Earlier this year the band went to Warsaw (Poland) to film this DVD. They organized a concert, made sure that there was a nice vibe in the club and voila youíve got the perfect set for your DVD.

The sound from the band is great; but thatís normal with the technology these days. Nothing to complain about that.
The views are also the same as every other concert registration youíve seen before.

Most of the times are the specials or bonus features on a DVD the best thing. Is this case I really wanted to see (and follow) the interview with Peter; but you canít follow it. The interview is in Polish and the English subtitles are going to fast sometimes and sometimes to slow. When you speak Polish you can understand the whole interview, when you donít you can follow some parts.

For the fans is definitely a must have, people who like Vader a little itís nothing special.



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