Hangman’s Hymn (musikalische Exequiem)
10 tracks - playing time: 44:17 min.
Osmose Productions
Rating: 7/10
Japanese black metal band Sigh is known for their musical variation, every album is very original, but with the bands own recognizable sound. After some hard work at their song construction loom, Sigh this time managed to weave a musical carpet of thrashing black metal and German orchestra. This is so well done, that both musical genres are flawlessly fitted together. Since the classical music part is mostly done with keyboards, it often sounds too polished though, and can be compared with for example The Kovenant. At times, the bombastic sound seems to come directly from a computer game like Warcraft. The highly melodic music makes the music very easily listenable, but also causes it to get boring after a few listens. For example the Hangman’s Hymn (track 10) is audible earlier on the album, and annoys already when arriving at the theme song itself.

The vocals are rasping black metal screams, sometimes changing into rough clean vocals. Besides this, the music at times is backed op by classical choirs. The screams have their very own sound, which is recognizable on all Sigh albums. The same counts for the guitar sound, which seems to be exactly the same as on the first Sigh album Scorn Defeat, with the exception of some heavy metal guitar solos. To enrich the atmosphere, samples of winds or waves, a church bell, organ play and evil laughing are added.

In short: a masterfully entangled thrashing black orchestral metal album, highly melodic wargame music that will appeal to many of you. The keyboard melodies might bore you after a while though.


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