Slaying The Life
12 tracks - playing time: 45:52 min.
Season of Mist
Rating: 7.5/10
Simple, straightforward, blasphemous, annihilating, raw, primitive, growling, anti-cosmic, foreboding, thrashing black metal from Sweden. Although Slaying the Life is already their fourth album, it isn’t very different from their last album (look it up in the RockEzine archive). The eleven tracks trample forward without real exception. After this noise raping misery, 54 short tracks of silence are followed up by another track, resulting in some more music near the end of number 66 and finishing in 7:04 minutes (shouldn’t this be at 7:06 minutes?).

Weird? In addition to this, I happened to see Bestial Mockery live in the Dutch city Leeuwarden. Just in time, since this seemed to be their final gig ever. Too bad, since it was really entertaining, resulting in a metallic mix of frenzy, beer and bloodshed.

Nothing more to be said, Metal Fucking Death!


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