Godís Equation
11 tracks - playing time: 1:00:06 min.
Limb Music Products
Rating: 9.5/10
I always wonder why metal bands from Scandinavian make music of such a high level. What does these people have other people donít have. Is it something in the northern air or something like that? I donít know but I sure know that Iím very satisfied these bands deliver such great albums.

PAGANíS MIND is one of those bands. Godís Equation is their latest work and to be honest I have to admit from the bottom of my progressive metal heard that the equation with god is absolutely true concerning the music. The band developed themselves as a progressive metal band with influences of Dream Theater, power metal and speed metal.

Aggressive riffs are varied with catchy riffs; the songs have great melodies that sometimes changes into speedy and aggressive parts and than again quite experimental. The strongest part is that the songs still sound like Paganís Mind; all at one a masterpiece.

Godís Equation is an album with only highlights. With a superb production Godís Equation has a bright and still heavy sound. Because of the different influences, the magnificent structure of the songs, the great soloís and melodies Godís Equation is worth listening time after time after timeÖ..(long live the repeat button).


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