God Burns Like Flesh
11 tracks - playing time: 44:40 min.
Rating: 7.5/10
The second album of the band Shatter Messiah is full of energy, this isn’t surprising concerning the line up of the band; influences of Annihilator, Archetype. Add some tours with bands like Nevermore and you might guess the force aggression of Shatter Messiah.

Musically God Burns Like Flesh is a collection of different kind of metal (thrash, power, death); the vocals of Greg Warner have a very powerful voice but he doesn’t grunt and seldom screams, there’s always some melody in his voice. Together with the aggressive riffs of Curran Murphy and Dusty Holt and the sometimes extreme fast rhythm foundation (Robert Falzano and Jason Chamberlain) the basis is laid for 11 pure heavy metal songs.

Add some great metal guitar solos and Shatter Messiah will enjoy for almost 45 minutes of metal like Mercenary. From the very fast ‘Stripped of Faith’ till the some gothic oriented ‘Pathway’.

Burns Like Flesh want disappoint you because of the varied songs and the strong structures of the songs. Especially ‘Tomorrow Immortal’ combines acoustic with pure metal, quite impressive song that takes 7 minutes. Add some great production and the result is rather overwhelming. Enjoy it.


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