Seven Sins A Second
10 tracks - playing time: 43:44 min.
Napalm Records
Rating: 7/10
When I listened to the second album of the Finnish band Sinamore, Seven Sins a Second, it was almost like a flesh back; the music was larded of elements of Paradise Lost. If you listen well, there are also quite some differences, but most songs have the same riffs and above all the same atmosphere as Paradise Lost; somewhat depressing music with melodramatic vocals (Mikko Heikkilä).

An important element of the music of Sinamore is the very heavy bass playing (Jarno Ushi), especially in the moments when the band slows down a bit.

Most songs have a break, sometimes even an almost acoustic break (‘Frozen Mole’ and ‘Everything Ends’). ‘The Burning Flame’ proves that Sinamore can play real heavy and rather fast songs, this song is the most aggressive song on the album. The opposite is ‘Eyes of May’; this slow tempo song is full of drama. I like it.

Fans of rather depressive metal may like Seven Sins a Second a lot. If you are some depressive I have to warn you, Sinamore won’t make you happy.


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