13 tracks - playing time: 43:04 min.
Cruz del sur music
Rating: 8/10
The sixth album from the folky power metal band Slough Feg has arrived. You may know the band by the name ‘The lord weird slough feg’, but the band shortened their name too simply, Slough feg, with the release of their album ‘Atavism’

Mike Scalzi has written some of his best material for this album. His singing style you reconise at first by his baritone voice and his distinctive sound. Most of the songs were inspired by science-fiction novels from the ‘50s. The song "Tiger! Tiger!" is based on the Alfred Bester novel and “the sea wolf”was inspired by the Jack London book.

`Hardworlder` brings their mesh of `70s metal and epic metal to new levels of awesomeness. The band’s unique style, the crunchy riffs ans long guitar solos are fantastic. The album may not be as hard as “Climax of a generation” or “Atavism”, but that’s not a downer. You can hear they are influenced by Iron Maiden but their approach is more raw and that makes Slough Feg stand out.


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