The Crossfire
10 tracks - playing time: 51:07 min.
Rating: 6.5/10
The German Fall of Serenity comes up with a fourth melodic death metal album called The Crossfire. On this album, former bass player John Gahlert does the vocals, while a the bass guitar is played by former guitarist Alex Fischer. Also a new guitarist is recruited.

The album contains powerful music, ongoing without breaks, with almost no decrease in speed. The album received a fairly well production in the hands of the notorious Dan Swano. In addition, all instruments are well played. Vocals are in-between grunts and screams and are at times helped out by guest singer Sabina from Holy Moses. Drums are galloping (yes, sounding like horse running), pounding and tight, but also lack variation. Both guitarists are playing melodic heavy metal tunes, sounding somewhat like Iron Maiden molded in a Gothenburg jacket.

At times, a short and tight guitar solo is produced. The majeur riffs make the music sound happy, giving it a positive touch. The bass player has no special role and plays along with the rest of the guitars.

The album is full of simple melodies. With that I mean a lack of variation in pace, all music is played in quadruple time. Also, the melodic, positive sounding riffs, sound alike in all songs. After having listened to some songs I already got bored by the lack variation and originality. Still, if you like the music in the description above (not really my genre anyways), you should at least give this album a try for its good production and instrumental control.


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