Odiumís Spring
9 tracks - playing time: 38:16 min.
Rating: 5/10
Odiumís Spring is the fourth full length album by Dies Ater, a German black metal band. The music is highly melodic. Some parts are slow and waltzing, while others are heavy and fast. Recognizable in all songs is the ongoing use of keyboards. The melodies quickly bring well known melodic black metal bands like Dimmu Borgir and Emperor to mind, but the bands main influence seems to be Rotting Christ. All riffs, compilations and song structures I have heard before in one or another form. So the band is, in short, not too original.

Since the music is strictly dominated by keyboards, all other instruments play a secondary role. Though played well enough, the electric guitars are sometimes out of tune. Some lyrics are in the German language, a great, harsh language and very suitable for black metal, just like Norwegian (both having rolling Rís and strong Gís). Those into the above named bands should give Odiumís Spring a spin. Anyways, not really my most favorite type of music.


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