Road Of Bones
11 tracks - playing time: 52:50 min.
Cruz del sur music
Rating: 5/10
The Texan band Ignitor was formed in 2003 by Stuart Laurence (guitar). Nowadays (from spring 2006) the line-up of the band consists out of 2 female and 3 male musicians. This cline-up isn’t seen very often. The music is best described as classic heavy metal of the 80th.

The vocals (Erica) are quite often too powerful; she sings over the top. When the band slows down a bit (‘Wings of Blackheart’; still a quite heavy song) the real power of her vocals are audible. Most songs are up-tempo heavy metal songs and are exposed; the album sounds some old fashioned.

I guess it would be quite successful 30 years ago. With Road of Bones the band wants to make a new journey into the world of metal; Ignitor will have to make metal related to this time.

Fans of 80th classic heavy metal might like Road of Bones; German fans will like the song ‘Freiheitsgebot’. The band does for certainty. If you play the first song you already know how the whole album will sound.


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