Chapter 1: Delirium
6 tracks - playing time: 63:58 min.
Firedoom Records
Rating: 4/10
The funeral doom band Colosseum was formed in 2006. The same year they came with a demo, and now they’re back with a depressing album called “Chapter 1: Delirium”.

The intent of Juhani Palomäki (singer and founder of Colosseum) was to create a dark and powerful album. To my opinion they failed. Every track sounds the same and takes too long.

Though there’s nothing wrong instrumental, it isn’t innovative either and the voice of Juhani doesn’t add anything at all. A pity, because I think this band does have the potential to create a powerful album. Maybe the next one?

“Chapter 1: Delirium” isn’t a recommend. You better save your money for something else.


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