Songs For The Lost
10 tracks - playing time: 46:43 min.
Cruz del sur music
Rating: 7.5/10
Is traditional hard-rock still alive and kicking ass?Icarus Witch is a fine example of that statement.This band has made an album that has got the atmosphere of those early days.The days that "Rainbow" was one of the greatest bands.And that you can hear on this one.Very good songs that are not old-fashioned,but have got the power of this decade.The first two songs are not bad, but after those two the album really is getting to(hard)rock.Excellent songs with nice solos,good singer and modern sound.

Listen to "The Sky Is Falling" and "Nature Of The Beast" and you know what i mean.Also they manage to get "Joe Lynn Turner"(former rainbow singer)to sing one song on the album a cover "mirror mirror" of (Def Leppard). That makes the circle complete when you are familiar with this music.Nice album,great band and played in the way these guys did it,then there is nothing wrong with traditional hardrock.


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