Satanic Curses
12 tracks - playing time: 48:14 min.
Massacre Records
Rating: 9/10
Is this the album of the year 2007.I would say,YES!Everything what you want to hear on a heavy power metal album is on this one.11 fantastic tracks that sound incredible.It is unbelieveble what these guys put on this record.Only the coversong "paranoid" is the weak spot on this album.I must say this is Mystic Prophecy`s loudest album by far and is very divers.The album is very mature and maybe almost perfect.

It doesn`t matter if the track is fast or slow every little thing is just on the right place.Great riffs and solos these two guitarplayers "Martin Grimm and Markus Pohl" are very good,listen to those songs.I must say that the whole band is playing good and very tight.With this album Mystic Prophecy is the best power metal band in the world and every metalfan must have "Satanic Curses".


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