Your Sakura
8 tracks - playing time: 42:09 min.
Rating: 8/10
The German trio Auxitt play punk-pop in the vain of Simple Plan, Di-rect and others. It`s easy to bash this type of music if you`re not into this kind of stuff. I was tempted to do so, yet, if I`m entirely honest, I must admit that these Germans came up with a rather impressive album (in the genre that is). I found myself constantly tapping along with the music while I was awaiting the point where the music would dissolve in the background while I was working on the review.

That moment just didn`t come. The music is too cleverly composed using influences from different musical styles and the vocals cause constant mayhem, making it almost impossible to drift away from the music. I have no doubt that "Your Sakura" will prove to be a commercial very successful release within and beyond the boundaries of the bands home country.


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