Illusions Of Silence
7 tracks - playing time: 60:33 min.
Rating: 4/10
The Australian doom duo Insomnius Dei, released “Illusions Of Silence”, a rather boring and mediocre sounding album with seven tracks, averaging nine minutes in length. I’m usually very fond of lengthy tracks, but the opening track “For The Memories Of My Past” clocked only three minutes and two seconds when I was first reaching for the skip button on my cd player. Insomnius Dei have trouble keeping the attention of the listener.

First because the sound of the album is rather flat, second because the compositions are pretty dull. The second track “Seven Burning Eyes” showed no improvement. This tracks sounds tiresome and uninspired. Skipping through the album I only caught sections that proved my previous findings. Furthermore the band repeated itself on more than one occasion leaving not much credits for the rating of “Illusions Of Silence”.


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