Ghosts Of Devotion
9 tracks - playing time: 45:04 min.
Rating: 8/10
‘Funeral Doom’ is becoming popular. Especially in Finland. Doom metal an sich is a pretty popular genre there and I wonder if there is a relation between the moods of those happy partycrashes in Finland and the music they create.

‘ Ghosts of Devotion’ sounds kinda gothic to me. However, this cd isn’t comparable to the poppy gothic bands you know nowadays. No, this cd is full of despair, melodrama and feeling completely down. Don’t be surprised if the paint comes off the wall, feeling to desparate to stick-, while listening to this effort. No room for happiness.

However, this is not only a negative record.

They are able to create a sphere that reminds me of old Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride. Depressed mode however, is more keyboard driven than aforementioned bands.

Masterbrain Ossy Salonen has created a piece of work that will do perfectly for fans of depressive (what’s in a name) metal. And cause of the high quality of these songs (often with Shape of Despair vocalist Natalie Koskinen, who delivers a pretty good job with her icy and emotional vocals) we forgive them the burzum cover Dunkelheit, wich almost sounds like a filler.


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