Rise Of The Tyrant
11 tracks - playing time: 48:32 min.
Century Media
Rating: 8/10
Arch Enemy is back with a new album, `Rise Of The Tyrant`. Also back is Chris Amott (guitarist and co-founding member). He left the band in 2005, just after releasing their album `Doomsday Machine`.

It looks like Angela Gossow’s voice is getting better with each album. She uses less vocal effects on this album, which makes the sound more natural, without losing the intensity. It was a good choice of Angela to lose the effects, because her natural voice is making the band sound much better.
The album is dark and dynamic, with great guitarwork from the Amott brothers.

You hear great riffs and melody but also brutality. The first track “Blood On Your Hands” was released a couple of months before the album. The track was listened by almost every metalfan in the world. The song is brutal, with great drumwork and fast riffs.
The energy on this album is astounding. Take for example the second track on the album, `The Last Enemy`. They open with a fast hard riff, and the energy is flying from the album.

Arch enemy is back and better then they have been in a long time.


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