From Motion To Riddance
9 tracks - playing time: 33:10 min.
Rating: 7.5/10
Another Metalcore release from Germany. But unlike ‘ main acts’ like Caliban, maroon or Heaven shall burn, ‘Before The Fall’ puts more influences out of bands like Machine Head and Chimaira.

Before the fall knows how to write thrash metal riffs, melodic hooks, catchy vocal lines and that all withouth the standard breakdown Formula. Opener ‘ From Mutism to Riddance’ is a summary where this band stands for. But they’re also looking for some other influences. With the clean vocals ‘ Taste the pain’ they come close to Killswitch Engage.

But with a song like “ Purified’ they’re sounding ten times more furious than that band.

Not every song is world class quality, but they’re sounding really promising. Let’s hope this band can evoluate and then the aforementioned German Metal(core) bands have a serious concurrent with this before the fall This cd is mixed by Tue Madsen, so we can be short about the production; intense, clear and loud.


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