The Recent Foresight
8 tracks - playing time: 40:44 min.
Rating: 8/10
With demonic vocals, innovative keyboards and breakneck drumming Lyfthrasyr brings us their second album, “The Recent Foresight”.

Though I never heard of Lyfthrasyr before, they sound professional and experienced. Lyfthrasyr can be seen as part of the new generation of melodic black and dark metal.
The extreme changes of speed in all the tracks amazed and surprised me. Top of this album is the third track, “Sections Of Fascinating Cruelty”.

It contains all the elements that are necessary for a successful track; alternating vocals, prominent keyboards, almighty guitars and drumming that’s worth a compliment.

If you think you can handle the extreme transitions in this music and you like melodic black/dark metal with a death metal edge, this could be worth listening to.


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