Seasons Of Tragedy
12 tracks - playing time: 1:05:32 min.
Locomotive Records
Rating: 8.5/10
With Seasons of Tragedy Benedictum releases their second album. In 2005 the American band of Victoria Freeman surprised everyone with their debut album Uncreation. The reviews were very positive so a huge pressure was on the band to make a record that was at least equal as “Uncreation”. Did they succeed? Well it’s hard to say, the songs have become some harder, the guitar solo’s are absolutely great. But the songs and riffs aren’t as overwhelming as the ones on the debut album. Nevertheless Benedictum developed themselves and with “Seasons of Tragedy” they delivered an album with great metal songs.

Next to the instrumental intro the pure metal song ‘Shellshock’ shows you how a metal song should sound. The guitar solo’s on Seasons of Tragedy are played by Pete Wells himself (Benedictum) and guest musicians George Lynch, Graig Goldy and Manny Schmidt (Gravedigger), the solo’s are great even with a guitar fight between Lynch and Schmidt. The vocals are impressive again, from full aggressive till very emotional.

The keyboards are audible on most songs and are responsible for the “Seasons-theme” a great atmosphere. ‘The Beast in the Field’ has different rhythms and ends in a great musical orgy.

A minus point is the Accept-cover ‘Balls to the Walls’ (Accept), on Uncreation Benedictum had the advantage of doubt with the covers ‘Heaven and Hell’ and ‘Mob Rules’. The cover “Catch the Rainbow” however sounds great, this semi acoustic son has a great solo by Craig Goldy himself.

Absolutely highlights are ‘Steel Rain’ (an impressive and emotional power ballad) and the epic title song. This song is a must for every progressive metal fan, Holy Jesus this is terrific! Both songs make the rate of Seasons of Tragedy higher absolutely.

Seasons of Tragedy is an album that must be heard several times, but after then the songs are convincing. Seasons of Tragedy is a worthy successor of Uncreation.


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