Let’s Start A War
11 tracks - playing time: 40:05 min.
System Shock
Rating: 4.5/10
Paul Speckman has been kicking around the death metal underground scene since he founded Master in 1983. He conquered it by releasing his first album “Master” way back in 1990. “Let’s Start A War” is the fifth and latest album of Master, and it sounds like this one is recorded back in 1983 (budgetary reasons or just retro?) It starts off with two typical old school death metal songs “Cast One Vote” & “American Freedom”; followed by a track called “Miss Misery” which is a cruel sing-along which shouldn’t be mistaken for a third-rated German heavy metal song of the mid-eighties. The rest of the album is filled with some moderate (death?) metal songs and brings us to the really lowest point of the album; a track called “Purchase A New Handgun”.

Paul Speckman plays the blues!?!?…..No further comment on that one. Paul Speckman may be one of the true founders of the death metal scene, but almost every one of today’s death metal bands has surpassed him nowadays, in musical and songwriting skill alike . In the biography of this album it is mentioned that “Let’s Start A War” also deals with the ups and downs of life in general we all go through…………Well, that’s a statement! Master: “Let’s Start A War” ….by what, bore us to death?


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