Chaotic Matrix
11 tracks - playing time: 31:25 min.
Displeased Records
Rating: 8/10
"Chaotic Matrix" is an album for the extreme brutal death metal maniacs who can`t seem to get enough of this hyper fast stuff. Internal Suffering is said to be influenced by Devourment, Disgorge and Cryptopsy so you know what to expect. Personally I also hear some similarities with top-notch Dutch underground band Severe Torture.
These Colombian guys have toured through North and South America frequently and are well known in the world wide underground scene. Their first album was released on a Colombian label, the following mini-cd on a Japanese and their new record on Displeased Records from Holland.
The album starts with an excerpt from some Satanic Mass or so and I wouldnít be surprised if it is Aleister Crowley speaking. After that it`s half an hourís worth of some of the most extreme shit Iíve ever heard. Singer Fabio has an unbelievably low grunt which is sometimes nearly inaudible.

Lyrically they don`t use the standard gore subjects but instead they concentrate on The Ancient Ones. The same subject Morbid Angel and for example Pestilence (rip) frequently used. You can`t hear the difference (they could as well sing about ice-cream, flowers or the weather) but is a nice thing to know :-)
Maybe it`s a coincidence but the best track on "Chaotic Matrix" is saved for last. "Decapitation of the Weak" is a more than worthy apotheosis. It contains some vocal precision bombardments as well as occasional slower parts and the only (albeit rudimentary) guitar solo on the whole fucking album!
This record is something that needs more than one listening session. At first I didn`t really like it but after hearing it a few times, the pieces fell into place. What`s left is a strong album. Nothing more, but certainly nothing less.


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