Emmure Studio Report
Victory's Emmure sent us a short studio report. Check it out:

Well as all of you know it were in the studio now writing the second full length cd on Victory records called " The Respect Issue" witch is planned to hit stores May 13th so check into that soon!

Emmure Studio Report

Either way, were more than halfway done writing the record now and all I can say is watch out! Expect a similar sound of GTTG but on crack you can say! Super sad/moving/heavy/moshy parts compose of this cd.

Emmure Studio Report

Ben, Joe and Mark have to live in the studio cause there from CT and were in Queens writing the cd. Frank and I live with Mommy at home, so you can imagine it gets frustrating and clustered at the studio. So no showers for them! They have to go to my house or Franks. Fun fun fun!
Our good friend Gerbil is filming a making of the cd, so he comes and chills with the camera for a bit so you can really se whats about when its released. No word on that yet though.

Occasionally friends stop in to make sure we are still sane and ok. We got some new gear and some effect pedals so look out for that on the next tour.

Emmure Studio Report

Otherwise a big shout out to Gerbil, and all the other influences in our lives making this happen now and of course thanks to Victory records!


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