Riverside   Huntenpop-   Aug 25, 2007



The gig by Polish prog rock band Riverside was one I was looking forward to. Not because of the pictures to be taken, but purely for the music. The latest hype in the prog scene had impressed my at several occasions. Last years performance at Arrow Rock brings back fine memories. This was one of the few gigs I was going to watch from start to finish.

Today the band didn`t exite me the way I had expected though. The band didn`t blow me away like they used to. I can`t explain exactly why. It might just be that I just didn`t have that vibe. Yet, I can`t exactly say that the crowd was very impressed. Maybe one progressive rock band on a festival is just not enough to draw a large and excited crowd. I bet that there were a lot of people out that for whom Riverside was just too much.

On the possitive side. The band played a new song of the yet to be release album. I was surprized to hear that the band has evolved into a new direction. Pleasantly surprised I must add because it would have been a dissapointment to find out that this massive band copied their previous album, the very succesful "Second Life Syndrome".

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(Review & Pics: Geert Oldenmenger)




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